Christian Mission Service

Is not an orphanage but a home

The Central Area is situated on the Blue Hills at Underfell in Coonoor of the Nilgiris District. Coonoor is a hilly area surrounded by tea plantation at an altitude of about 2400 meters above mean sea level.     It is around 90 kms. away from Coimbatore Airport.  It is a quieter hill resort, with tea estates dotting the slopes.  The Area Office is functioning here since 1990, with control over the Units in Kodaikanal, Pattanam, Silverdale, Underfell, Kotagiri and Gundlupet.

This Area Office is situated at Underfell in Coonoor.  It is functioning here since 1990.  The Area Manager supervises the Units and its activities under this Area.  As a representative of the Mission, he carries out the work under the guidance of the Mission, keeping the Mission objectives.  He strives for the growth of the children and staff, maintaining good order of discipline.  Also maintains good relationship with other organizations, Government Offices and the public.  He counsels the staff and children and takes disciplinary action when the need arises.  He has to arrange and conduct retreat to the staff, bridge course to the children and enable them to grow in their spiritual, mental and physical life.  He  inspects the accounts of the Units, helps and monitors them to carry out the instruction of the Mission.  He takes responsibility to safe guard the movable and immovable assets of all the Units under him. One Clerk, One Electrician and One Purchase Officer assist him in the work.  Purchase Officer and Electrician visit the Units as per the instruction of the Area Manager to help the Units in purchase and electrical works.

    1. Kodaikanal Children’s Home
    2. Pattanam Children’s Home
    3. Pattanam Home for the Physically Challenged
    4. Silverdale Children’s Village
    5. Silverdale ITC
    6. Silverdale ITC Hostel
    7. Underfell Batik Section
    8. Underfell Children’s Village
    9. Underfell Day Care Centre
    10. Underfell Tailoring Industrial School
    11. Underfell Trainees’ Hostel
    12. Kotagiri Children’s Home
    13. Kotagiri Home for the Mentally Challenged
    14. Kotagiri Retreat Centre
    15. Gundlupet Children’s Village