Christian Mission Service

Is not an orphanage but a home

The South West Area covers the State of Kerala on the West Coast of India. The Units are located in Thiruvananthapuram and Alleppey Districts. The Area Office functions under the guidance of the Administrator and carries out the responsibilities that are assigned from time to time by the Mission. Area Manager often visits the Units and helps for the growth and development of the institution under his jurisdiction.

He is responsible to counsel the staff and motivate them to become effective Child Care Workers.   He monitors, checks and ensures that the instructions given by the Central Office are followed and finance allotted to the Units is judiciously utilized.  He attempts innovative schemes for the growth of Children pertaining to the prevailing situation.  The Area Office has a  vehicle under his custody.  He conducts retreats to cooks, unit heads spouses, etc. at the direction of Central Office.

The Institutions under the south west area are,

  1. Malanchani Children’s Village
  2. Malanchani Tailoring Institute
  3. Malanchani School
  4. Malanchani Day Care Centre
  5. Eruthavoor Girls’ Home
  6. Thiruvananthapuram Boys’ Home
  7. Pallickal Children’s Home