Christian Mission Service

Is not an orphanage but a home

The Southern Area covers the district of Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu.  This district was formerly under South Travancore. In 1957, it came under Tamilnadu.   Some parts of this district are of hilly and others are of plain terrain.  At one time this area was considered to be the granary of South Travancore.  Commercial crops such as cloves, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg and rubber are cultivated in the hills and in the plains coconut, banana and other fruit bearing trees are grown.  Water for irrigation is available from the two major dams Pechiparai and Perunchani to make these areas fertile.

There is a harbour at Colachel.  Two light houses are functioning in this district, one at Muttom and another at Kanyakumari.  One of the two water falls Ulakkai Aruvi is near our Area Office.  The other one is at Thirparappu near our Children’s Home, Puthenkada.  One of the forts is known as Vattakottai and other one is Padbanaba puram Fort famous for the Travancore king’s wooden palace.  A longest flume in the Asian continent is located at Mathoor near Puthenkada.  The nearest town to Nagercoil and the popular tourist spot is Kanyakumari where one can have bathe in the sea, visit Vivekananda rock, Gandhimandabam, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Bay watch etc.  One can watch the full moon rising and the sun setting simultaneously at Kanyakumari which is a spectacular sight.   The ocean at Kanyakumari is called Tri Sea because of the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.  The nearest Airport is at Thiruvananthapuram which is 50 kms. away from this campus.

The Southern Area Office functions at Azhagiapandipuram.  The property in Azhagiapandipuram is a hilly tract. It is surrounded by mountains, paddy fields, coconut and rubber plantations.  The nearest railway station is Nagercoil at a distance of 19 kms and the Airport is at Thiruvananthapuram which is 65 kms away from this campus.

The Area Office at Azhagiapandipuram was established in the year 1977.     The Area Manager is incharge of varies Centres in the Kanyakumari District.  The vehicles under this Area Office are in his custody.  Nearly 2000 children and trainees benefit every year through the Homes, Day Care and Training Centres in this Area.

The primary function of this Area Office is to actualize the objectives of the Mission. The Area Manager incharge of the Area Office establishes a healthy relationship with the local neighbourhood, Churches, government and non-government offices and the public, apart from the supervision of the work of the Units under him.  He promotes the spiritual and physical well being of the staff and children by planning and co-ordinating activities.  During his periodic visits, he makes sure of the utilization of funds and ensures that the instructions from the Central Office are carried out. As a counsellor he counsels the staff and children and sends his confidential reports and actions taken.

The Area Manager is assisted by a group of dedicated staff such us a Purchase Officer, clerical staff, Social Workers, an Electrician, a Dietician and a Driver.  Under his direction the Social Worker visits the children’s parents, former students and the institutions where our children are studying.  The Dietician visits the Units to teach and guide the cooks on hygienic and nutritious preparation of food.

The 21 Institutions under the jurisdiction of Southern Area are

  1. Kovalam Day Care Centre
  2. Nagercoil Girls’ Town
  3. Negercoil Boys’ Home
  4. Nagercoil Retreat-cum-Retirement Home
  5. Nagercoil Ex-Students’ Department
  6. Puthugramam Day Care Centre
  7. Azhagiapandipuram Children’s Village
  8. Azhagiapandipuram Day Care Centre
  9. Azhagiapandipuram Industry
  10. Azhagiapandipuram ITC Hostel
  11. Thadikarankonam Children’s Village
  12. Thadikarankonam High School
  13. Puthenkada Children’s Home
  14. Puthenkada Community Tailoring Centre
  15. Puthenkada Senior Citizens’ Home
  16. Puthenkada Day Care Centre
  17. Glenbeck Children’s Home
  18. Glenbeck Agricultural Institute
  19. Glenbeck Carpentry Training Institute
  20. Glenbeck Agricultural Trainees’ Hostel
  21. Glenbeck Retreat Centre.